Korea Buyers Guide

ˇ°altongˇ± Waterproof Admixture for Concrete

For the first time in Korea, Jangsan CM Co., Ltd. has successfully developed an insoluble waterproof powder-type admixture for watertight concrete (JSC-55). ˇ°altongˇ± is made of super-corpuscular compounds of an inorganic (artificial pozzolan) active material plus organic high-molecular chemicals.

With a patent pending, the product maintains perfect waterproofing capability as well as the consistent durability of a concrete structure under any weather condition. Improving concrete performance and workability, it saves construction costs and shortens work time as well.

The hydration reaction in cement prevents the overflow of calcium hydration by absorbing calcium hydroxide, leading to penetration and witness phenomena in concrete; by making it into an insoluble gel (calcium silica), and adding high-density waterproof performance by filling the capillary pores from the soft expansion of the gel removes the defects of cement and plays a reformative role as well, resulting in improved durability and chemical resistance (and the life) of any building structure.

altong JSC-55 can be plastered on any single or coupled wall of an underground floor or building, ground water tank, subway, tunnel, dam, water distribution reservoir, final sewage treatment plant, shield wall nuclear plant, bridge slab or any other underground structure.

altong JSM-33 (waterproof admixture for mortar) and JSS-77 (for subaqueous concrete) are also on offer.