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Corrosion of iron rods should be prevented and protected when the applied conditions of various structures are designed to block water and moisture or when harmful ions penetrate due to lack of the depth of concrete coating or because of cracks on the surface of concrete originating from the behavior or vibration of a structure.

This technology makes lighter the admixture of PPS (Pozzolan Polymer Stearate) artificial inorganic compounds and maximizes its dispersibility so that it can, unlike currently available similar technologies, secure the uniformity of its quality when putting it into and mixing it in a truck agitator so as to ensure the production of concrete of a higher waterproofness and rust- resistance than existing watertight concrete.

If the PPS Corrosion-inhibitor and Waterproof Admixture is added when making concrete, it will improve waterproofness of concrete by three times and, at the same time, increase the rate of rust resistance of iron reinforcing rods by more than 95%; therefore, without additional membrane- type waterproofing works, the waterproofness preventing the penetration of water and moisture and the rust resistance protecting iron rods from being corroded due to chemically deteriorating substances can be sustained for the same duration of the concrete, from which the longevity and durability of a structure can be expected.
PRODUCT PPS Powdered Waterproof Admixture PPS Corrosion-inhibitor
and Waterproof Admixture
altong JSC-55 Hipermix JSCI-99
Use PCM Waterproof Admixture Membrane-free Waterproof Admixture for Concrete Corrosion-inhibitor and Waterproof Admixture for reinforced concrete
5.0% times quantity of cement fck = 27MPa < 12kg/m³
fck = 27MPa ≥ 13kg/m³
fck = 27MPa < 11kg/m³
fck = 27MPa ≥ 12kg/m³
Applications for concrete or for evening of floor during masonry work; for coating of surface of cement; for repair of section; for waterproofing inside and outside wall of concrete structure; for general waterproofing work with mortar for floor of basement and wall; for underground water tank and subway; for tunnel, dam, and water purification plant; for distributing reservoir and swimming pool; for sewage and waste water treatment plant; for slab of bridge; for all kinds of underground structure for concrete structure in marine and coastal area; for swage and waste water treatment facility; for structure in danger of corrosion due to use of beach sand; for concrete structure that requires corrosion-inhibition
Packing unit 24kg/pack, 400kg/bag 24kg/pack, 26kg/pack, 400kg/bag, Bulk 24kg/pack, 400kg/bag,
PRODUCT PPS Waterproof Mortar Admixture
Use General plastering Floor plastering
1.08m²/pack per working area
(based on the thickness of 18mm)
0.81m²/pack per working area
(based on the thickness of 24mm)
Applications for plastering of the inside and
outside of wall and for masonry work
for plastering of floor
Packing unit 40kg/sac 40kg/sac
Merits · It is superior to a liquid waterproofing agent in terms of execution of work, waterproofing, and convenience of work · Efficiency of work will improve through reduction of construction cost and labor cost.
· Smaller space that is required for storage of raw materials will improve working conditions.
· It is easy to manage such works as storage and transportation at working areas, which will lead to reduction in loss of raw materials
· Both experts and unskilled persons can use it with ease.
How to use · Please be sure to get rid of all factors cleanly including oil that may obstruct adhesion to layers to be waterproofed.
· Please spray water and get the concrete or surface of bricks soaked adequately so as to keep the surface of working area moist.
· In case the thickness of the plastered layer is more than 10mm, please spread the plaster evenly on the moist surface and then plaster it once more before getting dry.
· Please adjust it evenly and cleanly the same way as does the mortar plastering.